Monday, June 20, 2011

The Postman only calls once.

I got a call from the post office today - the new chicks have arrived!

They were shipped from Iowa on Saturday, and arrived this morning.  Luckily, I was at the office at 7:30 when the post office called. 

All huddled together to stay warm.  I ordered 25 Jumbo Cornish chicks - the minimum order - but the hatchery threw in 1 extra Cornish, and an extra "mystery" bird.  Supposedly, the mystery bird is a "rare and exotic" chicken, but I have my doubts.  I think it's a way for the hatchery to get rid of extra chicks.  For me, it's another mouth to feed, with limited return.  We'll raise it and see what it turns into. 

The new digs!  I wanted to get the chicks hydrated as quickly as possible, so I made up some grow gel, a green gel that is packed with vitamins and helps with hydration. If you look closely, you may be able to make out green flecks in the mash.   The waterer is in the corner, and the heat lamp is casting the reddish pall across the scene.

In other news... the turkeys are now developing well into two distinctly male birds.  It's no surprise that they fight.  I've read that if I introduce a female turkey, they'll stop fighting. We're going to look on Craigslist for a lady turkey.

The garden is growing - the peas suffered from our week away and have mostly fallen over.  If they had grown straight, they'd be about 4 feet tall right now.  The first pea flowers are starting to form.  The tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and zucchinis are in, but I have my doubts about the pumpkins - we're already lost seedlings twice to birds. 

The next big project is to get the chicken run built and finish the electrical system.  I have most of the automatic coop door built, I just need power to make sure it works right.  Star tuned, there's more to come.

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